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Jan '12

Carnival’s Costa Concordia, Another Titanic, Really?

Costa Concordia, Carnival Cruise's Mega Cruiseliner

After watching close to a week of media attention directed at the plight of the shipwrecked Concordia, I have to loudly protest the comparison being made to the 1912 Titanic disaster.

First, the Titanic didn’t even contain enough lifeboats or life vests for all of the passengers on board. This was clearly not the case for Carnival Cruiseline’s Concordia.

Second, 1500 people perished in the freezing waters off the coast of Newfoundland on the Titanic. Right now, 6 are confirmed dead with 16-29 missing, depending on which news report you listen to. Out of 4500 people, 45 people perishing would be 1%, which is doubtful the count will be this high. Not by any means to discredit the personal tragedy of the unsuspecting victims who lost their lives on this trip.

Yes, it is true that chaos reigned right after the incident, but the fact that 99% of the 4500 passengers are safely on land in Tuscany, should be attributed to the under-appreciated staff who were as much in the dark about what was happening as the passengers!

I think it is also important to remember that no matter how high-tech the ship happens to be, as in both the case of the Titanic and the Concordia, human involvement is still crucial to ensuring the ship is handled properly in whatever emergency arises. Instead of draconian safety measures, cruise ship companies should increase the scrutiny in selecting their captains, including a sense of humility and weighted responsibility of the huge number of passengers on board their ships.

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1 Comment » to “Carnival’s Costa Concordia, Another Titanic, Really?”

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