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Aug '11

How to NOT get Gouged when Traveling Internationally with iPhone

iPhone Photo by William Hook

If you’re traveling internationally with your iPhone, BEWARE. It’s not the phone charges that will kill you, it’s the international data roaming rates! While I was recently in Canada on business, I received the following email from AT&T. “Our current data charges based on data use of 475.83 MB since leaving the US are: $7,137.45! This was only after two days of using my iPhone.

I called them to understand what the #$%^$ was going on! Apparently, they charge you $22/MB to use your phone internationally. So to turn on the phone, $22, to check email, $22-$66, etc! My only solution was to accept a $200/month data plan (my phone plan is $125/month by the way), while traveling.

So I had to look into this further. I stopped in at The Source, the Canadian equivalent of Radio Shack, where the local technician knew the scoop. Rogers Telecom has an agreement with AT&T, so I just had to call AT&T, ask them to unlock my phone, then buy a Rogers SIM card the next time I was in Canada, slip out the American AT&T SIM card and voila, LOCAL usage. (Keep your SIM card in a very safe place, as you’ll need to put it back in your iPhone on your return).

So there AT&T, no more $200/month data plans for you!

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